United Baptist Church of Lakeport (also known as Lake Village Free Baptist Church or Park Street Baptist Church) is a historic church at 23 Park Street in the village of Lakeport in Laconia, New Hampshire. The church was founded in 1774 on Parade Road as Laconia’s First Church. It has changed many times during the years. The larger stone door stop of this building has been carefully preserved on a corner front of the building on the church lawn.

Elder Nicholas Folsom was the first preacher, and was minister for more than forty years.  He fought in the Indian Wars and in July 1777, when Stark called the patriots of New Hampshire to arms, he enlisted as volunteer and fought in the Battle of Bennington.  Another early member of our church, hearing of the Battle of Lexington, laid down his tools, bade his family goodbye, and served at the Battle of Bunker Hill and Saratoga, and at the Surrender of Burgoyne.

Early in the 19th century, the first meeting house was set on fire by a woman whose house was located opposite the church building.  She was offended because people came to her house with foot stoves to warm themselves between church services.  She declared this would give her relief from the annoyance.  Her husband is reported to have paid for the loss.

Town meetings were held in our meetinghouse until 1855, when the first Park Street Baptist church was built. This one was destroyed by fire in 1890.  Plans for the new church building were drawn up by architect-builder George H. Guernsey of Montpelier, Vermont in the spring of 1891.  In mid-April, ground was broken for the foundation.  The contract for the building was awarded to the architect.  Before the end of the month, Mr. Guernsey’s carpenters were at work on the frame.  By early October, the slaters had covered the main roof and commenced on the spire.  November saw interior plastering and finish work underway.  The  bell and the clock in the tower, then the only illuminated clock north of Concord, were installed in December.  March of the following year saw the installation of the organ and in April, the pews were installed and the carpeting lay down.  Finally on May 27, 1892, the new church was dedicated free of debt.  The cost, including furnishings, was $19,427.88, approximately $485,697.00 adjusted for inflation, of which the architect-builder received $12, 358.00. . It seats 400 and includes the fellowship and Sunday School classes on the first floor. A separate Parish House is next door on Park Street.  On March 26, 1920, the Park Street and the Union Baptist churches merged to form the United Baptist Church.

Presently, the congregation is actively involved in community, ecumenical, and interfaith activities in the Lakes Region as a member of the American Baptist Churches of Vermont/New Hampshire.

Names, Years Served, Total Years
Dr. Samuel Shepard, 1774-1782, 8 years
Supply Preachers, 1782-1784, 2 years
Elder Nicolas Folsom, 1784-1824, 40 years
Rev. Parker Fogg, 1824-1830, 6 years
Rev Richard Martin, 1830-1838, 8 years
Rev. Nahum Brooks, 1838-1840, 2 years
Rev. John Pettengill, 1840-1841, 1 year
Rev. William D. Johnson, 1842-1843, 1 year
Rev. Uriah Chase, 1843-1844, 1 year
Rev. William H. Waldron, 1845-1846, 1 year
Rev. Smith Fairfield, 1846-1847, 1 year
Rev. Kinsman R. Davis, 1848-1850, 2 years
Rev. John L. Sinclair, 1848-1848, 1 year
Rev. Ezekiel True, 1850-1854, 4 years
Rev. John A. Knowles, 1854-1861, 7 years
Rev. Samuel D. Church, 1861-1863, 2 years
Rev. Hosea Quimby, 1863-1869, 6 years
Rev. Cyrus B. Peckham, 1869-1970, 1 year
Rev Moses C. Henderson, 1870-1873, 3 years
Rev. Henry S. Kimball, 1873-1879, 4 years
Rev. Carter E. Cate, 1879-1882, 3 years
Rev. Ephraim W. Ricker, 1882-1885, 3 years
Rev. Ethnam W. Porter, 1885-1887, 2 years
Rev. William H. Getchell, 1887-1908, 21 years
Rev. Horace H. Hays, 1908-1910, 2 years
Rev. Will S. Coleman, 1910-1915, 5 years
Rev. Abbot P. Davis, 1915-1919, 4 years
Rev. Benjamin Lomax, 1919-1922, 3 years
Rev. Charles J. Jones, 1922-1934, 12 Years
Rev. Walter M. Richardson, 1934-1939, 5 years
Rev. Joseph H. Vatcher, 1939-1944, 5 years
Rev. Raymond Bean, 1944-1950, 6 years
Rev. Clinton Condict, 1950-1955, 5 years
Rev. William A. Binkley, 1955-1966, 11 years
Rev. Leigh Stephenson, 1967-1974, 7 years
Rev. Gary P. Mauck, 1975-1982, 7 years
Rev. Frank Armstrong, 1983-1986, 3 years
Rev. Maurice Hutchins, 1986-1987, 1 year (interim)
Rev. Francis Clish, 1987-1990, 3 years
Rev. John Madden, 1990-1991, 1 year (interim)
Rev. David B. Howe, 1991-1992, 1 year (interim)
Rev. Gary Andy, 1992-1995, 3 years
Rev. Warren Harris, 1995-1996, 1 year (interim)
Rev. David Roones, 1997-1998, 1 year
Rev. Jim Waugh, 1999-2001 , 3 years (interim)
Rev. Sharron Lamothe, 2001-2012, 11 years
Rev. John P. Babson, 2013-2013, 4 months (interim)
Rev. Gary P. Mauck, 2013-2013, 4 months (interim)
Dr. Rady Roldan-Figueroa, 2013-2014, 1 year (interim)
Rev. Robert J. Lemieux, 2016 –